At Contentise we believe that every content marketing campaign should be KPI focussed and ROI measured. Most content marketers that are starting out look at content marketing as a brand awareness tool. In other words they see their content marketing efforts playing at the top end of the marketing funnel.

However, if content marketing is done correctly then your brand can in fact hit every single layer of the marketing funnel. Contentise enables brands to do this by combining the right mix of performance driven content marketing strategies. These include:

+ Content creation based on the key marketing objectives

+ Full content audits to identify the optimal title, image, and copy combinations

+ Identifying the most suitable Content Distribution Platforms (CDN’s) for your content

+ Assigning the most relevant KPI’s to your content marketing campaigns in order to measure ROI

+ Leveraging the right set of products across CDN’s such as Outbrain and Taboola to ensure these KPI’s are reached

+ Data driven campaign analysis to help brands get themselves closer to the point of optimal ROI

With a combination of the above strategies we have been able to adopt a holistic approach to content marketing. One we like to call Performance Content Marketing. With Performance Content Marketing, brands can now get their content to work across all three pillars of the marketing funnel, and thus maximise ROI.