The Modern Publisher Approach to Traffic Acquisition

Online publishing has changed drastically and building an audience the old-fashioned way – with compelling content and monetizing it successfully with ads from big-name brands takes a lot of work. Nowadays, publishers are able to scale traffic through purchased channels and when they are able to successfully monetize that traffic, it is known as publisher arbitrage.

What is the benefit of this method? Arbitrage publishers don’t necessarily need a loyal, engaged audience to build an ROI positive business operation. Instead, they can just purchase traffic from others, fill their page with a well thought out combination of ads, and skim a little off the top. It’s a simple numbers game — buy a pageview for X, sell it to advertisers for Y, and keep the difference. So what are examples of arbitrage publishers?

CafeMom is a great example, attracting ~ 9 million desktop uniques a month, as reported by comScore. Paid links to the site appear all over content recommendation widgets and point to articles like 5 Celebrity Nip Slips That Made Us Gasp” that are mom-related in a way.  Those pages are filled covered in ads, in the form of both standard display units and content-recommendation modules from Taboola. At Contentise, we have spent years consulting publishers like CafeMom and have put together a comprehensive guide containing all of our learnings. Feel free to reach out to us but in the meantime, this guide will teach you everything you need to know to start generating traffic volume like CafeMom in as little as 30 days.

This is a very new approach to online publishing which has has become a numbers game. Publishers that win are the ones that apply data most effectively – not the ones with the best content. One former publishing exec once said, “If you want to see pure-play capitalistic Darwinism as it applies to publishing, CafeMom is it.”

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